Rosa Aspirin

“Aspirin is so good for roses, brandy for sweet peas, and a squeeze of lemon-juice for the fleshy flowers, like begonias”.  Gerald Durrell.

The Aspirin Rose is a Floribunda Patio Rose bred by Hans Jurgen Evers in Germany in 1989. He was a famous rose breeder that worked for Rosen Tantau in the early 1960’s and later took over the company in 1985 where he worked until he died in 2007.

The rose is a cross between The Fairy rose and an unnamed rose RT83-359, the result is a simple, pretty white rose with subtle specks and shades of pink in the blooms. The blooms are double and cupped. It grows and flowers from the ground up and is compact with arching branches of glossy foliage that will grow to approximately 70-100 cm tall. It blooms in flushes and is extremely resistant to Black spot.


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