“Gather the roses of life today”. Pierre de Ronsard.


The Pierre de Ronsard Rose was bred in France by Jaques Mouchotte
Meilland in 1985. The rose honours Pierre de Ronsard the famous poet and gardener who lived between 1524 and 1585. He was known in France in his own generation as “The Prince Of Poets” and his 16th Century poetry earned him a place in literary history. He was well educated, well travelled and a highly productive poet. He was also apparently a keen gardener.

The Rose Pierre de Ronsard is a moderately vigorous climbing rose with beautiful full and heavy cream and pink blooms sometimes with a reddish edge. The blooms are usually either single or in clusters of 3-4. The blooms appear romantic and soft and the foliage is mid green. As well as the seductive blooms this rose has a light tea rose scent.

I have read that the Pierre de Ronsard rose likes to be pruned and the more it is cut back the more vigorously it grows in the canes and blooms. In my experience I’ve found it to be disease resistant and fast growing. When I deadhead the spent flowers it continues to bloom all season.

Another unique aspect of this rose is, it will if trained tend to grow sideways along the top of a fence sending up both shoots and blooms. I have planted three plants in very large pots that enjoy morning sun and are spared the heat of the hot afternoon blaze as I read that Pierre de Ronsard was slightly shade tolerant. They all appear to be flourishing. My only issue is that one plant had problems with spider mite.
Pierre de Ronsard is called Eden Rose ® or Eden Climber ™ in the USA and Germany. IMG_4870

Live now, believe me, wait not till tomorrow

One thought

  1. Thanks for this article, and I’m really happy to read that your PdR roses are thriving with only morning sun. I am about to plant a PdR cutting in a tall pot on my apartment balcony, in the hopes it will grow along the top of the balcony railing. The balcony only gets morning sun from sun-up to midday, so after reading your article I’m crossing my fingers this will be enough. Wish me luck!


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