Sally Holmes Rose

“I feel as if I had opened a book and found roses of yesterday sweet and fragrant, between its leaves.” L.M Montgomery

Sally Holmes rose is a Hybrid Musk Shrub that flowers prolifically and is much loved throughout the world because it is highly disease resistant, vigorous and a large free flowering bush. I planted this rose in winter 2018 and in one season it has grown long arching canes of glossy, vibrant, green foliage and huge clusters of flowerheads with few thorns.

Bred by amateur rose breeder Robert Holmes in the UK in 1976 and introduced to the world by Fryer’s Nurseries Ltd.

Sally Holmes blooms are abundant and emerge as attractive, apricot pointed buds that open to reveal beautiful, almost single, creamy white blooms with a coronet of bright yellow stamens in large clusters of 10 to 25 per stem.  My rose so far has repeat flowered twice after deadheading the spent blooms and is said to grow to 150cm x 200cm wide so will require some room to grow.  It also appears to be very hardy tolerating our hot dry climate and is disease resistant.

The rose was named to honour Sally Holmes who was born in Northern Ireland in the 1920’s and married Robert Holmes in 1944.

Sally Holmes roses were created by crossing the Ivory Fashion rose with the Ballerina Rose ( Bentall 1937 Hybrid Musk Rose)

I hope to post new pictures of Sally Holmes this year as I have moved her to a prime corner position.  It has already recovered and I think be spectacular in the Spring.

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