The Lady Of Shalott?

“I am half-sick of shadows,’ said The Lady of Shalott.” ― Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Lady of Shalott


Lady Of Shalott is one of my most favourite Roses. The colour glows in the sun and is a clean contrast with the bright green foliage.  Described by breeder David Austin as rich orange-red that opens to apricot hues.  In Australia  I would call it apricot, orange with shades of vivid peach and golden yellow reverse. But however we try and evoke the colour in words will never do it justice as it sits in the garden. It is a magnificent rose.

The name comes from an Alfred, Lord Tennyson poem that tells the story  of Lady of Shalott, who lived close to King Arthur’s Camelot and was held under a spell. Named for the Tennyson Society, which promotes the work of the 19th century poet and the popular ballad of Tennyson’s, inspired by Arthurian legend.

I have grown two Lady of Shalott roses and for some reason only one has flourished. It repeat flowers all season right through to the start of frost in winter. I only just recently have moved her to a part shade position to avoid burnt leaves in mid summer

Photo courtesy of David Austin

Lady of Shalott is an English Shrub Rose by David Austin that has wonderful chalice shaped blooms that are quite unique as are the rich plump orange coloured buds. The scent is a warm tea rose fragrance  with a hint of spiced apple.

John William Waterhouse.The Lady of Shalott

I have found Lady Of Shalott to be vigorous, bushy but hardy. Disease resistant and very reliable in repeat blooming continuously if I deadhead spent blooms.

It is called a climber but mine grows as a free standing bush and has many elegant arching stems from the base. It does not seem to need a trellis so far and has been in the ground now for three seasons.

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  1. Hi Di, just having a look at your website. Really fantastic job!! Your passion exudes from every page. Well done. I realise it is a work in progress but this first version is a really good start. Love to you and all the family.


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