The earth laughs in flowers.

The French Garden returns for Spring 2019

I happened to be away from my garden for just four days this week. Returning, I found that Spring has triumphed sending out masses of blooms all around the garden. The new roses are flourishing and the sensational colours from last year have returned. It is very hard not to be amazed and in awe of the depth of colour and prolific nature of some of the roses, lavenders and herbs out in bloom.


First Spring growth is most evident in the Joseph’s Coat Rose pictured. It has been a stand out rose so far this season with masses of buds yet to open in this first flush. Already there are buds to dead-head as it has been flowering prolifically for two weeks.

Joseph’s Coat is a Floribunda, Grandiflora climbing rose in the family of Rosaceae in the genus Rosa. This rose has the characteristics of large flowers, (sometimes up to 10 cm across) in a kaleidoscope of colours, stiff, upright, vigorous growth, thorns, apple green, lustrous leaves and perfume. All one would want in a rose.

It was bred by David L Armstrong and Herbert C Swim in 1964. Stunning coloured blooms start from yellow/red buds and open to blooms of regal gold, scarlet, pink, orange and carmine or deep red. This rose is best if fertilised often to keep the colours strong and the foliage healthy.

I had Joseph’s Coat in a different position last year and it did not do well at all. After moving, it to a more protected northern exposure with lots of sun it has completely transformed into a super healthy, robust rose with truly magnificent colours and strength. Just lovely!

Joseph’s Coat with weeds that need a whipper snip!

Mine was purchased from Silkies Rose Farm called Rose sales online. It is now in a large vintage style pot and visible from the kitchen where I can enjoy the spectacular blooms when cooking.


Joseph’s Coat can grow as a shrub but will grow up to six feet or as a taller pillar rose or climber. I have been advised to trim it back to the height I want and to regularly add plant fertiliser. A magnificent rose so far in my garden that loves the sun and special attention it gets with plenty of water, no weeds and lots of air circulating around the base.

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.”

Aristotle, 384-322 BC

Title quote Ralph Waldo Emerson

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