Carla Fineschi Rose Garden, Tuscany

It is time to re-post my story about the Carla Fineschi Rose garden in Arezzo Tuscany because it has been renamed “Gianfranco and Carla Fineschi Botanical Rose Garden Association” and according to their website “The ROSETO BOTANICO GIANFRANCO AND CARLA FINESCHI ASSOCIATION, commonly known as “Roseto Fineschi” since 2015 has replaced the “Roseto Botanico Carla Fineschi … Continue reading Carla Fineschi Rose Garden, Tuscany

“Life is itself a school, and nature always a fresh study.”

It’s pretty tough in the garden sometimes even though Spring’s colour and fragrance have replaced the cold and frosty days of winter. We have experienced extreme weather this Spring with long days of high winds, heat and dust storms that have created havoc. Many plants are struggling from wind damage and the ground, despite my … Continue reading “Life is itself a school, and nature always a fresh study.”

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is a destination well worth a visit just to see The Gardens By The Bay. The gardens showcase plants and flowers from across the world. Singaporeans are proud of their gardens which are a fantastic drawcard for tourism but also for education and aim to be a model for sustainable development and conservation. Their … Continue reading Gardens by the Bay