Carla Fineschi Rose Garden, Tuscany

It is time to re-post my story about the Carla Fineschi Rose garden in Arezzo Tuscany because it has been renamed "Gianfranco and Carla Fineschi Botanical Rose Garden Association" according to their website. "The ROSETO BOTANICO GIANFRANCO AND CARLA FINESCHI ASSOCIATION, commonly known as "Roseto Fineschi" since 2015, has replaced the "Roseto Botanico Carla Fineschi… Continue reading Carla Fineschi Rose Garden, Tuscany

The Joy of a Well Designed Garden

Gardens of the Architect

To design gardens that look and feel appealing and are a joy to visit think like an artist and use the basic design elements such as colour, line, texture, form and scale.By using the basic design elements and their combinations will provide the tools to create balance, unity, harmony, transition, repetition, accent and proportion for… Continue reading The Joy of a Well Designed Garden

“What I need most of all are flowers, always, always.”

The great Impressionists painters emerged in 1870's France and were known for rejecting the strict rules of fine art and looking at the world in new ways. Instead of realistic portraits in a studio, these painters thought they could use the light's fleeting nature from the sun in front of their subjects, outside. This brought… Continue reading “What I need most of all are flowers, always, always.”

Jardin Remarquable in Epernay

We must cultivate our garden.”Voltaire - Candide ou l'Optimisme Walking around Epernay along L'Avenue de Champagne we came across the Town Hall that sits within the lush greenery of an enchanting French Garden. It is part of the Remarquable series of gardens that are scattered across the country. As we wandered through the garden we… Continue reading Jardin Remarquable in Epernay

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is a destination well worth a visit just to see The Gardens By The Bay. The gardens showcase plants and flowers from across the world. Singaporeans are proud of their gardens which are a fantastic drawcard for tourism but also for education and aim to be a model for sustainable development and conservation. Their… Continue reading Gardens by the Bay

Jardin Majorelle, Gueliz Morocco

“For many years, the Jardin Majorelle has provided me with an endless source of inspiration, and I have often dreamt of its unique colours.”Yves Saint Laurent Sometimes when travelling out of the blue one can find hidden gems that you may not have been aware of at all but end up being the highlight of… Continue reading Jardin Majorelle, Gueliz Morocco