Antonio Canova Gipsoteca

Giardino in Passagno

These lovely, pastel pink blooms are from the Giardino at the Gipsoteca in Italy. The gipsoteca means ‘the plasterworks’  and is where the Antonio Canova museum is located in the small Italian town of Possagno not far from Asolo in the Veneto region.

Crepe Myrtle Trunks

As one enters the Museum you pass through a gorgeous garden with massive old trees, spectacular crepe myrtle and rose plants scattered through the gravelled entrance. There are large iron gates on the edge of the property that frame the view into the distance across the garden.   Photos above from

Antonio Canova 1757–1822, is considered to be the greatest Neoclassical sculptor of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. He is thought of as ushering in a new aesthetic of the era being a calm, clear repose and form. His carving and marble works are refined and beautiful. He became a leading sculptor of his age.

The visit to Canova Gipsoteca was a truly delightful morning. The plasterworks were simply unbelievable and the garden lovely. Highly recommended stop if in the Veneto area of Italy.


We were prevented from taking photographs of the plasterworks but not the garden fortunately. The museum has a video room where you can view a short history of the Gipsoteca that was almost destroyed during the war See Antonio Canova Passagno and also a website about the Temple Canova

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